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Alicia Dragic, RN, CGP



My background as a nurse goes back to 2002.  Over the years I’ve worked in various different branches of nursing, all of which I enjoyed, but when my son was diagnosed with autism in April of 2010, it was more challenging than anything I had previously faced.  We did the usual therapies, but he was so “in his own world” that he didn’t even notice the therapists were in the room. (See the article: Autism Is Not Treatable)

I heard about a special diet for autism, the GFCF diet  (gluten free casein free diet), which many parents were reporting good success with.  When I mentioned the diet to our local autism support network, I was told that not only was it useless, it was dangerous.  Fortunately, the one person who I didn’t get a negative response from was our son’s physician, who told us to try it for a month, because “What can it hurt?”

Changing our son’s diet was amazing.  Within a week, his HORRIBLE chronic diarrhea was gone.  Within a month, he noticed his therapists and started to interact with people again.  And in 4 months, he called me “mama” again, a word I hadn’t heard in about 2 years.

When I saw the changes that a simple dietary intervention could bring about, it motivated me to look into the link between food and our brain.  The past years have taught me so much, and I’m proud to say that my family is much healthier than we were before.   Our youngest son too began to have severe food reactions and also follows a special diet.  Eating well has also helped with my oldest son’s epilepsy.


How This Can Help You

With our modern pace and diet, people are getting sick at an alarming rate.  Chronic illness is rising, and the age that we are getting sick is getting younger and younger.  Autism is an epidemic ( see CDC statistics for autism rates here )  Childhood diabetes, asthma, severe food allergies, and developmental disorders are becoming more common than not.

Through healing foods, you CAN feel better as a family.  Changing from the typical fast-paced American diet to home cooked, healthy meals may seem daunting, but it is possible.  Changing your entire lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight.  The key is to head in the right direction: even making a small change toward healthier can make a difference.


The Services I Offer

O  I am a Certified GAPS Practitioner and can assist you in implementing the GAPS diet, including one-on-one support via phone, Skype and email, shopping trips, recipes, and more.  To learn more about how a consult with a GAPS Practitioner can help you, visit the Products and Services page. (I currently am not accepting new clients at this time)

O  I offer educational classes teaching healthy eating; classes include: special diets for allergies, gluten free eating, GFCF diet for autism and behavioral disorders, SCD/GAPS™ diet, organic living, essential oils and fermentation.  See the “Community Education” page under “Products and Services” for upcoming events.  I am also willing to offer these in your place of business or home.  Please contact me if you would like to host a class.

O  I have designed this website to be a source of information and help to you on your journey towards health. If there is something specific that you are looking for (a recipe, a DIY project, finding a good source for a particular item, etc.), please feel free to reach out to me as I would love to help you.



If you have questions, comments, would like to attend a class, or wish to arrange for a GAPS consult, you may contact me via any of the methods on my “Contact me” page here.







“I praise you because in an awe-inspiring way I am wonderfully made.  Your works are wonderful, I know this very well.” ~ Psalm 139:14

This website is dedicated to helping the reader towards better health by taking a holistic, natural approach with a special emphasis on the digestive system.  For some of you, changes may come quickly, and for others, reaching your health goals may take some time, even years.  The most important thing to remember is that no matter how long it takes, it starts with your first step.  Do not be afraid to take that first step towards health, and keep moving forward!

~ Healthy Home Body, Alicia Dragic, RN, CGP



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Oh my gosh I’m so glad I found you! I’ve been researching gaps for months. Read so many blogs but never found the ‘right’ person to get in touch with regarding walking through it with me. And a person who knows Jesus. I’m at the moment stuck in day 4 of diarrhea trying to do intro but failing as needing coffee trying to work and deal with my son who’s SPD it’s too hard doing this trying to do everything else!
    Please can I have your email so I changed in touch with you. I also need to buy the book because I don’t want to start my son Tate on it before I read the book by dr Campbell . Luv Debbie


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