Fermented Foods

How to Ferment GFCF; GAPS stage one (veggies are stage three)

Beet Kvass GFCF; GAPS stage one

Fermented cucumbers GFCF; GAPS stage one (veggies are stage three)

Fermented Uncanned Tomatoes GFCF; GAPS stage three

Homemade Yogurt GF; GAPS stage one

How to Make Sauerkraut GFCF; GAPS stage one

Kimchi GF; GAPS stage three

Pickled Garlic GFCF; GAPS stage two

Pickled Purple Eggs GFCF; GAPS stage three

Water Kefir GFCF; Full GAPS


** When you see the abbreviation GF after a recipe, it means that the recipe is gluten free, but contains dairy.  If it states GFCF, you know that the recipe can be made gluten free casein (dairy) free.  All recipes are GAPS legal.

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