While the GAPS Nutritional Program is valuable for people with a variety of different diagnoses, it was created with autism in mind, as Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride worked (and succeeded!) at recovering her son from autism.

And while diet is a huge key for helping persons with autism (as over 90% suffer from a variety of digestive complaints), there are also many facets that make up autism recovery.  For that reason (and the fact that people on the spectrum hold a special place in my heart), I’ve written different articles that feature autism.


The following links take you to articles I’ve written connected with autism:

Autism is Not Treatable – This post discusses our family’s journey with autism.

Anxiety and OCD in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Rapid Prompt Method for Nonverbal Autism

Simple Social and Sensory-Friendly Games

When It Is Just Too Hard (a story of why we choose health and recovery)

Why Try a Gluten and Dairy Free Diet?