Lyme Disease


This page will provide resources for those who are looking to learn more about Lyme Disease and co-infections often associated with it. It will also contain links to any blog posts that I have written discussing Lyme disease, treatment, and the many things that go along with it.

I am just starting to share my journey with Lyme Disease, so be sure to check back on this page often as it will be updated frequently.



My Lyme Story – This is the blog post detailing the beginning of my story with Lyme Disease. My story is like many others who have been diagnosed with Lyme Disease: missed the early signs, initially was misdiagnosed, and ultimately am now trying to regain health after the Lyme spirochetes have been in my body unchecked for years.

Treating Lyme Naturally – This post lists in detail the holistic protocol I am following (as of September 2018) to heal from Lyme Disease and co-infections.

How to Make Tinctures – For those treating Lyme naturally with herbs (or supplementing their treatment with herbs), knowing how to make your own tinctures can be beneficial.


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