Our Farm Store


We are so so excited to announce that starting in the spring 2020, we will be opening up a small farm store here on our homestead in Northern Illinois! Some of the first things that we will be offering are:

  • Pastured eggs – Our hens roam freely on approximately two acres of our property, scratching in the dirt, eating bugs, and soaking up the sun as chickens were meant to do. We supplement their diet with an organic mix of grains (soy free) that we purchase from a local farmer.
  • Heirloom garden plants and houseplants – Starting in April/May, we will be offering starter plants grown using heirloom and organic seeds that you can use to start your own garden at home. Stay tuned for more details!
  •  Fresh produce, grown without pesticides and from heirloom seeds


Our farm page here will be updated weekly starting in April/May with what is available for purchase that week and how to order/pick up your order. We have a lot of exciting things coming up and are working hard to make this happen!

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