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Snowflake Peppermint Fudge

I generally find that in the winter I tend to eat healthier: as it gets colder, I am more likely to crave nourishing soups, broth, warm home-cooked dishes, and steamed veggies with butter or ghee. In the summer, it generally is so hot in the kitchen that I don’t feel like cooking (and much less… Continue reading Snowflake Peppermint Fudge

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Dishwasher Detergent

Continuing along with the theme of cleaning up our homes and keeping them free of toxic chemicals, the next recipe I will post will be for dishwasher detergent. So many conventional detergents, from powders to liquid to pods, contain several ingredients that can be toxic to our health: things like hormone disruptors, carcinogens (cancer forming),… Continue reading Dishwasher Detergent

Essential Oils · Healthy Environment

DIY Liquid Dish Soap

My oldest son after enjoying some pasta and sauce, his favorite meal when he was two.  A rare moment of catching a smile and eye contact on camera!   Over time, little by little, we have slowly been transforming our entire lifestyle. It started almost six years ago, when I first learned to become a label reader.… Continue reading DIY Liquid Dish Soap

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Essential Oils and Allergic Reactions

  Photo credit: via Visual hunt / CC BY   Can you be allergic to essential oils?   I wanted to address this question today as it has often come up at my seminars or has been posed among people interested in using essential oils but concerned because they have allergies to certain things… Continue reading Essential Oils and Allergic Reactions

Essential Oils · Natural Healing

Pulling Teeth: Naturally

By guest writer, A.E.M. The first sign I had of wisdom teeth was when my lower left tooth erupted when I was 15. My dentist was seriously surprised, seeing I was so young, but assured me I wouldn’t have to have them out before 20. I Googled “wisdom teeth” and was surprised to learn that… Continue reading Pulling Teeth: Naturally