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Elderberry Syrup

The cold and flu season is upon us!!! There are so many germs flying around right now, I can practically see them floating in the air. I am not a big fan of sickness in general (who is?) and so I take extra precautions when I hear everyone around me hacking away: I load up…… Continue reading Elderberry Syrup

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Stay Healthy This Flu Season – Naturally!

When it comes to discussing natural solutions and treatments to common ailments like the cold and the flu (and general wellness and illness prevention), there are many differing opinions: some supporting modern medicine with its frequent antibiotic use, over-the-counter medications, and other treatments; some who avoid conventional medicine at all cost and instead turn to…… Continue reading Stay Healthy This Flu Season – Naturally!

Essential Oils · GAPS™ Diet · Natural Healing

GAPS and Essential Oils

Photo credit: donnierayjones via / CC BY Anyone who has gone through the GAPS diet knows that starting the diet is not the easiest thing you’ve ever done; it may have been the hardest.  The Introduction Diet can be brutal, in terms of how you feel when you are in the throes of detox…… Continue reading GAPS and Essential Oils

Essential Oils · Natural Healing

Why Fevers Are Not Your Enemy

Growing up, my family didn’t see the doctor very much. I think it was something that happened over time and over many bad experiences, because I remember going quite a bit when I was very young.  When I was first born, my mom made sure I had my well-baby checkups, that I was vaccinated, and cared for my…… Continue reading Why Fevers Are Not Your Enemy