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GAPS Introduction Diet – Stage One

Tomorrow is the day! Last week, I talked a lot about how we were preparing physically and mentally for starting the Introduction diet.  (See articles: “Gearing Up for GAPS Intro” and “The Countdown Begins”)  So you can probably imagine that today I’m going to talk about how I’m making meat stock in preparation for all…… Continue reading GAPS Introduction Diet – Stage One

GAPS™ Diet · Tips for Healthy Eating

Ice Cold Peppermint Tea

Photo via Visualhunt Although I know I just posted something about fall and pumpkin spice lattes and Edwards Apple Orchard, I’m not quite ready to let summer go yet.  The next couple of recipes will be great to use as summer wraps up, including this peppermint tea and a couple of dairy-free ice cream recipes…… Continue reading Ice Cold Peppermint Tea