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Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Nights are starting to get cooler here on the Illinois/Wisconsin border, and I’m starting to actually feel like turning on my oven again (instead of sweating through my daily tasks of baking and cooking up vats of meat stock and bone broths). One of my favorite fall spices is cinnamon, followed closely by clove and…… Continue reading Cinnamon Raisin Bread

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A Review of “Everyday Grain-Free Baking”

  If you’ve ever followed the GAPS Diet, you know that it’s a lot of soups, broths, cooked veggies and healthy fats.  In the beginning, as you start healing, you find that you have cravings for different things; usually, at first you crave your old “sinful sweets” (like chocolate, sweet coffee drinks, etc.).  You may…… Continue reading A Review of “Everyday Grain-Free Baking”