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Fermented Uncanned Tomatoes

October is generally a time when the days start getting shorter, the nights get cooler, and we experience the first frost here in Northern Illinois. This fall, though, the weather hasn’t really seem to get the message that it’s dark by 6:30 p.m. and today as I drove by the bank and saw that the…… Continue reading Fermented Uncanned Tomatoes

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GAPS Refrigerator Jam

While this summer hasn’t felt much like summer yet, with the cooler temps, spring-like storms and rain, and the lingering winter we had, it still is one of my favorite times of the year. Local farmer’s markets are in full swing, and my garden is starting to produce a variety of tasty treats, providing both…… Continue reading GAPS Refrigerator Jam

GAPS™ Diet · Organic Gardening

Beet Kvass

Beet kvass is a little known probiotic drink with WONDERFUL benefits for the entire body.  It has its roots in Russia, where for many hundreds of years people have drank beet kvass; it was considered a safer beverage than water, as the fermentation process helped to ensure its purity (when water could often be contaminated with disease).  On top of that,…… Continue reading Beet Kvass

GAPS™ Diet · Organic Gardening · Tips for Healthy Eating

Refreshing Summer Drink

Last week, I finally got around to picking all the cucumbers that were in my garden.  Before that, I would just pick a bag or two here and there; enough to ferment and give to friends.  After clearing out my garden, I had SEVEN large paper bags full of cucumbers on my kitchen floor, with…… Continue reading Refreshing Summer Drink

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Fermentation – Simple and Delicious

Photo credit: That Bill Fellow via Visualhunt / CC BY-SA     Before I started fermenting things in my kitchen, I had a very different mental picture when I thought of “fermentation”.  I imagined something with a strong sour smell, maybe something putrid, a mad scientist-like character watching something bubbling and brewing and spilling over…… Continue reading Fermentation – Simple and Delicious