Refreshing Summer Drink

Last week, I finally got around to picking all the cucumbers that were in my garden.  Before that, I would just pick a bag or two here and there; enough to ferment and give to friends.  After clearing out my garden, I had SEVEN large paper bags full of cucumbers on my kitchen floor, with the bags ripping and cucumbers spilling out everywhere.  I was juicing cucumbers, fermenting and pickling, shredding and eating fresh with sea salt, with oil and vinegar, with tomatoes … and then my food processor and juicer died (and my vacuum too, though unrelated to the food post 🙂 ) all in the same week.

I still have cucumbers in my kitchen.  My Berkey water filter can’t keep up with the demands I’m putting on it.

So, here’s another way to use those cucumbers you have that are taking over your garden!  This is a refreshing summer drink, great for detoxing, and I’ve heard also nice for aiding in weight loss.  I just think it’s wonderful to drink, and it looks pretty in your fridge 🙂


Refreshing Summer Drink

1 medium to large cucumber, sliced

2 lemons, sliced

about 20 mint leaves (or about 1/2 bunch)

3-4 L water


Use a gallon sized glass pitcher, jug, or Mason jar.  Put the sliced cucumber, lemons, and mint in the jar.  Fill to the top with filtered water.  Store in the refrigerator overnight before drinking.

And that’s it!





~ Alicia


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