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GAPS Introduction Diet – Stage One

Tomorrow is the day! Last week, I talked a lot about how we were preparing physically and mentally for starting the Introduction diet.  (See articles: “Gearing Up for GAPS Intro” and “The Countdown Begins”)  So you can probably imagine that today I’m going to talk about how I’m making meat stock in preparation for all…… Continue reading GAPS Introduction Diet – Stage One

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Chicken Pancakes

Are you looking for a simple way to get more protein into your child? Honestly, when I first heard about chicken pancakes at an autism conference probably 4 or so years ago, I was kind-of grossed out.  Pureed chicken and eggs, fried up?  That’s not a pancake!  Pancakes are light and sweet and fluffy, with…… Continue reading Chicken Pancakes

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Chicken Enchiladas

When you make meat stock as frequently as we do when following the GAPS Diet, you inevitably have to come up with ideas for using whatever meat is left over from making the stock.  It’s delicious and juicy just plain too, fresh from the broth, or great to add to other soups you are making, but sometimes…… Continue reading Chicken Enchiladas

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Basic Meat Stock

We’re gearing up for GAPS Intro Round #3 this fall, and so I want to include several recipes that we use to get us through the Introductory diet of GAPS.  It seems like this is the hardest phase for most people to be able to think of recipes for each stage and to add enough…… Continue reading Basic Meat Stock