Chicken Pancakes

Are you looking for a simple way to get more protein into your child?

Honestly, when I first heard about chicken pancakes at an autism conference probably 4 or so years ago, I was kind-of grossed out.  Pureed chicken and eggs, fried up?  That’s not a pancake!  Pancakes are light and sweet and fluffy, with lots of maple syrup and melting butter!

Then came GAPS, and chicken pancakes make my boys giggle with joy.  So I stick chicken meat and cartilage and all sorts of chicken-y things in a blender and make pancakes.  (I even eat them too 🙂 )

This is a basic recipe that we use for chicken pancakes; there are many variations that you can find online.


Chicken Pancakes

cooked chicken (left over from making stock)

organic free range eggs


1. The ratio of chicken to eggs with depend on how thick you want the batter to be.  I usually stick 3 eggs in the bottom of my blender, then add maybe about half a blender full of cooked chicken (add the cartilage, meat around the joints, skin … all those parts that are wonderful for your health but hard to get into your kids).  On top of the chicken, I add 3 more eggs.  I blend it for a few minutes until the texture is smooth.  It should pour easily into a frying pan, not too runny but not too thick.  If it seems to be too thick, add another egg or two.  If it is runny, add more chicken.  I find it’s better to start with less eggs and add more as needed to achieve the desired texture.

2. Heat ghee, animal fat, or coconut oil in a large skillet over low-medium to medium heat.  Make small pancakes (about 4 inches diameter or whatever size you prefer) and cook until golden brown.  Serve plain or serve with melted ghee or butter on top.  You can also add cooked fruit with its syrup or drizzle honey over top.






~ Alicia


3 Replies to “Chicken Pancakes”

  1. These sounded totally weird at first, but I can vouch that they are SO GOOD, especially when you’re on a restricted diet (I’m an ex-Paleo dieter) I usually chop my chicken and beat the eggs in with a fork. They don’t look as much like pancakes as your’s do, but they have a bit more texture. And if you make too many, use ’em to make sandwiches with, whether with Paleo, GAPS, GF, or the blessed real-deal bread: they work great for quick lunches on the go! P.S. Great new picture of y’all!

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  2. I just made my first batch today! I had them at my sister’s house last summer, so already knew I liked them. But I didn’t know is how useful this recipe is to hide all of the skin that and cartilage from the meats that I use to make stock. I am so glad those things don’t have to go to waste. I thought that these chicken “patties” look like they would be delicious with a slice of garden tomato and some lacto-fermented mayo on GAPS legal bread. Also, I made the batter a bit to thick at first and realized that these could be cooked like a drop dumpling in soup. They aren’t pretty, but it works!


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