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Essential Oils and Allergic Reactions

  Photo credit: via Visual hunt / CC BY   Can you be allergic to essential oils?   I wanted to address this question today as it has often come up at my seminars or has been posed among people interested in using essential oils but concerned because they have allergies to certain things…… Continue reading Essential Oils and Allergic Reactions

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GAPS Support Group

  I’m very excited to announce that I now have a GAPS Support Group started on Facebook!  It’s up and running as of today, and gradually over the next month I hope that it becomes a great resource for all of you who are interested in GAPS. What does this support group mean for you? This is a support…… Continue reading GAPS Support Group

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GAPS Introduction Diet – Stage One

Tomorrow is the day! Last week, I talked a lot about how we were preparing physically and mentally for starting the Introduction diet.  (See articles: “Gearing Up for GAPS Intro” and “The Countdown Begins”)  So you can probably imagine that today I’m going to talk about how I’m making meat stock in preparation for all…… Continue reading GAPS Introduction Diet – Stage One

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The GAPS Diet – Why

When we hear the word “DIET”, so many negative thoughts come to our mind.  In our society today, it seems like daily a new diet fad is being proclaimed as the “permanent solution to your weight loss woes!!!”  Try the Atkins, the South Beach, Weight Watchers, do a juice fast, low calorie, low fat, etc.…… Continue reading The GAPS Diet – Why