GAPS Support Group


I’m very excited to announce that I now have a GAPS Support Group started on Facebook!  It’s up and running as of today, and gradually over the next month I hope that it becomes a great resource for all of you who are interested in GAPS.

What does this support group mean for you?

This is a support group for friends who are following the GAPS Diet for themselves or their children (or both!). It is a safe place to ask questions, share recipes, give encouragement and be educated on how to heal. The GAPS Protocol will be strictly adhered to as described by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride.

I hope that gradually this FB group will evolve into more local support, including a GAPS Support Group here in the Rockford, IL area and eventually also in Madison, WI. That way, we can share recipes and eat them too! 🙂

Starting in January 2015, I will be having a free webinar the first Monday of every month for those in our support group, where I offer a presentation on an aspect of GAPS, I’m available to answer questions live (this would be good for general questions, maybe not so much if they are private questions), and will be sharing resources, updates, new studies, testimonies, videos, etc.

If you are interested in joining our GAPS support group, please send me a message via one of the methods on my “contact me” page and I will friend you on Facebook and then add you to the support group.  Please also let me know in your message to me if you are currently following GAPS or the reason for your interest in the GAPS Program if you are not yet on the GAPS Diet.  Thank you!



I look forward to the months ahead and much healing!

~ Alicia

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