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GAPS Introduction Diet – Stage One

Tomorrow is the day! Last week, I talked a lot about how we were preparing physically and mentally for starting the Introduction diet.  (See articles: “Gearing Up for GAPS Intro” and “The Countdown Begins”)  So you can probably imagine that today I’m going to talk about how I’m making meat stock in preparation for all…… Continue reading GAPS Introduction Diet – Stage One

Autism · GAPS™ Diet · GAPS™ Introduction Diet · Tips for Healthy Eating

The Countdown Begins!

Less than a week to go until we start the GAPS Introduction Diet for the third time! This week, I’ve been doing a few things to get ready for Intro.  For one, I’ve been planning our supplement regimen (probiotics, essential fatty acids, fermented cod liver oil/butter oil, salt water sole with lemon essential oil in…… Continue reading The Countdown Begins!

Autism · GAPS™ Diet · GAPS™ Introduction Diet · Natural Healing · Tips for Healthy Eating

Gearing Up for GAPS Intro

GAPS Intro: Round 3. The first time you go through the GAPS Introduction Diet, you spend a lot of time preparing; preparing meat stock in advance and freezing it up, preparing sauerkraut and other fermented veggies, preparing meal ideas, preparing lists and lists and lists, preparing to write down daily everything that went in and…… Continue reading Gearing Up for GAPS Intro