The Countdown Begins!

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Less than a week to go until we start the GAPS Introduction Diet for the third time!

This week, I’ve been doing a few things to get ready for Intro.  For one, I’ve been planning our supplement regimen (probiotics, essential fatty acids, fermented cod liver oil/butter oil, salt water sole with lemon essential oil in the morning, magnesium oil and Lugol’s iodine paint).  I’ve made our detox bath schedule, made a plan of when to give “scheduled” essential oils and also a list of essential oils that can be helpful if a particular symptoms arises (to take the think work out of everything once Intro starts).  I’ve decided to go through Intro with the boys again (despite saying I wasn’t going to earlier!) as I know that I could use the extra healing, too.  I may not stay on it as long as the boys do, especially my oldest, but we’ll see how it goes with time.  That being said, that is the reason I’m putting everything down on paper and in a schedule, not only so that my husband can also help when he’s home from work, but so that I can remember things when my brain is full of fog.

I’ve determined that we’re really going to do a good, long stage two as needed and have mentally steeled myself for the long haul.  This is an important part of planning, because it is easy to push through symptoms “just to get Intro over with”.  I want this to be our last round of Intro, and I want to start advancing to non-GAPS foods in a year or so, so I want some good healing this time around.  Being determined and keeping yourself focused on your goal helps tremendously.

I have meat stock and stock bones in my freezer; I’m getting more organic meat on Tuesday.  I’m mentally going through what we need to clear out of the house before we start so that there are no “cheats”.  Also, make sure you have plenty of fermented vegetables and kraut juice.  I’m making up a huge batch of sauerkraut and juice tomorrow, as I have a ridiculous amount of cabbage in my garden and in my fridge that need to be fermented.

I’m trying to add some humor into my life as well.  Listening to my boys’ crazy stories (stop all the work for a few minutes!), watching a good movie in front of a warm fire … you need to really relax as much as possible on Intro to aid with healing.  Be gentle on yourself!  Right now I’m watching my crazy super-hunter cat trying to catch a bug that is flying around my bedroom as she tries to keep from waking my husband up (she’s terrified of him!)

The first week you do Intro, if possible, try to take a vacation from work and clear your other activities out.  I only scheduled myself to work 10 hours next week, and I scheduled it at the end of the week.  Your body will be tired; you will want to take naps and go to bed early.  Do it!  You will no longer be drinking caffeine as a stimulant.  Now you will actually be listening to your body when it tells you to sleep 🙂  Healing requires A LOT of sleep, so make sure that you are scheduling adequate time for rest.

I’m excited to share our Intro journey with you.  Intro will bring new recipes, new symptoms to discuss, and more healing.  I hope to share not only the downs but also the “ups”!  And as always, I welcome your comments and your questions.  Just please bear with me, as I’m likely to think just a notch slower than usual 🙂




5 days and counting!

~ Alicia

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