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Liver and Butter Saute

Here’s another way to cook up liver in a way that your kids will eat it!  Remember to use livers from organic pastured animals for the most nutrients and health benefits.  I found the original recipe on the “Nourished and Nurtured” blog (check out her blog from more wonderful GAPS-friendly recipes!).   Liver and Butter Saute organic…… Continue reading Liver and Butter Saute

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The Benefits of Liver

Photo credit: wEnDaLicious via / CC BY-ND We eat differently in America. Our diet may not seem so very strange to us (because we all eat this way, and very few of us travel abroad and discover that people generally eat somewhat differently than we do).  I know that I never thought that I…… Continue reading The Benefits of Liver

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GAPS Introduction Diet – Stage Two

Hooray!  You made it past your first stage of the Introduction Diet! You are likely still in the throes of die-off at this stage, and although moving up a stage feels good, stage two is not much different than stage one (however, the things you get to add in this stage are significant, so still…… Continue reading GAPS Introduction Diet – Stage Two