Anxiety and OCD in Autism Spectrum Disorders

If you love someone with autism who also has anxiety and/or OCD, this is a great lecture to watch by Dr. Suruchi Chandra, as found on the Autism Research Institute’s website.  Dr. Chandra was one of the first doctors that we saw soon after my son’s autism diagnosis, and she helped to start him on a path toward recovery.


“Conventional psychiatric medications, including SSRIs and benzodiazepines, may not be effective for everyone with anxiety disorders. Others may find only partial relief with these medications or experience unpleasant side effects. In this 60-minute presentation Suruchi Chandra, M.D. describes a whole-body approach to identifying the core imbalances underlying anxiety disorders, including the gut-brain connection, hormonal imbalances, immune system dysfunction, mitochondrial dysfunction, and methylation defects. She also discusses ways to treat anxiety by addressing these underlying metabolic imbalances.”


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