GAPS Introduction Diet

The GAPS Introduction Diet is outlined in the book “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride.  Before beginning the diet, it is important to read over the information in her book outlining the stages and requirements of this portion of the diet.

The goal of the GAPS Introduction Diet is to heal and seal the gut lining quickly.  You can move through the protocol as fast or as slow as you and your symptoms need.  You can spend longer on one stage than the next, depending on what your body is permitting you to do.  The Introduction Diet is recommended for the following people:

– those with serious digestive symptoms (reflux, diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloating, severe constipation, etc.)

– those with food allergies/intolerances

– those without the above conditions should still go through the Introduction Diet, but they may be able to move through it quite quickly

If you decide to go straight to Full GAPS instead of doing Intro, remember that about 85% of your diet should be meats, fish, eggs, fermented dairy and vegetables.  Avoid baking and fruit for a few weeks, and then only limit them to snacks.  Homemade meat stock, soups, stews and natural fats are required and should be staples of your diet.  When starting with Full GAPS, you need to slowly introduce dairy as outlined in Dr. Natasha’s book on page 124-125.


The GAPS Introduction Diet consists of six stages which are outlined here:

GAPS™ Introduction Diet – Stage One

GAPS™ Introduction Diet – Stage Two

GAPS™ Introduction Diet – Stage Three

GAPS™ Introduction Diet – Stage Four

GAPS™ Introduction Diet – Stage Five

GAPS™ Introduction Diet – Stage Six

** For recipes by each stage of the Introduction Diet, you can visit my recipe page here. **


A list of FAQs can be found here and is regularly updated by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride.

Beginning the protocol can be daunting.  Although the book explains things in detail, issues may arise as you go through the stages of the Introduction diet, leaving you unsure of what exactly you are experiencing.  Yahoo! has a GAPS™ diet group that is very helpful when you have questions.  Facebook also has a couple of groups (like GAPS Kids) for those looking for help, as well as a support group that I offer (Healthy Home Body – GAPS Support Group).

Another option would be to hire a GAPS practitioner who can guide you through the roughest times.  Certified GAPS Practitioners have been trained by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride and have extra experience and knowledge to help you on your healing journey.  You can look for a local GAPS Practitioner (a list of GAPS practitioners can be found here), or if you do not have a GAPS Practitioner in your local area, I am a Certified GAPS Practitioner located in the north-central Illinois area who also does long-distance consults via email, phone, and Skype.  You can find more information on the services I offer here; you may contact me with questions, comments, or to schedule a consult.


~ Alicia


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