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In our journey toward health, we have tried many different things: some traditional, some medicinal, and some considered “alternative”.  No matter what we tried, though, nothing surpassed the value of diet.  Changing our diet was the one most important thing that we could have done to begin healing.

And so obviously I feel very strongly about the importance of following a diet like the GAPS Diet in order to recover from various disorders and illnesses. (See “The GAPS Diet” for what it involves and for links to learn more).

However, I also know that dietary changes (especially for children who are very picky eaters) is not easy.  For us, our dietary journey had many, many different steps, stages, and levels to it.  We started by removing dairy and gluten from our diet.  Actually, it was almost 3 years into our healing journey before we even started GAPS.  So I understand the need for gradual steps and that everyone must do what they individually are able to do.

For that reason, both for those working on getting healthier in general and for those on the GAPS Nutritional Program, I also have written some articles about healthy eating in general and detoxifying your environment:

A Short Lesson on Probiotics

A Trip to the Grocery Store – Learn what hidden ingredients are lurking in so-called “healthy” foods

To learn more about Essential Oils – Essential oils have made a wonderful addition to our health and wellness routine; I use them to create toxin-free cleaning and personal care products, to detoxify our bodies and the environment, to keep us healthy, and much more.  This link will take you to my essential oil website for more information.

Heading Toward Healthy – How you can slowly make changes toward a healthier diet

Honey – What Are the Benefits?

Natural Gardening

Pulling Teeth: Naturally (by a guest writer; how she used essential oils and natural methods when she had her wisdom teeth extracted)

The Basics of Food Addiction

The Benefits of Liver

What is in Your Chapstick? (AKA “A Rant About Toxic Beauty Products”)

What is in Your Toothpaste?

When It is Just Too Hard (a story of why we choose health)





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