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Electrolyte Drink

Winter is a wonderful time of year, bringing with it white snow, frosty mornings, hot mugs of steaming favorite drinks (the boys love our GAPS hot chocolate; I love anything that comes in a mug!), sledding, and rosy cheeks. Unfortunately, winter also brings with it crowded stores filled with sick shoppers coughing on cart handles,…… Continue reading Electrolyte Drink

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Baked Apple Crisp

Hooray for Internet service that works!!!   For the longest time, we have had really poor, spotty Internet service, which makes posting anything here on the blog an extremely drawn-out and difficult job (we’re talking hours sometimes to post a simple recipe). A week ago, we switched Internet providers, and I’m excited to see that maybe…… Continue reading Baked Apple Crisp

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Iced Bulletproof Spiced Tea

I am not a big experimenter in general. When I was younger (with a little less on my plate), I used to be very creative. I loved to paint, draw, make things … I used to drive my mom nuts because I would rearrange the furniture in my room practically every week. I would drive…… Continue reading Iced Bulletproof Spiced Tea

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Crustless Chicken Pizza Casserole

Mmmm … does anything say “fall” more than comfort foods? This casserole is warm and cheesy, and while I have yet to find a GAPS-style pizza that we really like, this recipe helps me to not miss it as much. The flavor is incredible; also this is one of the first recipes I used that…… Continue reading Crustless Chicken Pizza Casserole