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Mango Berry Popsicles

It may be the middle of winter with snow on the ground and the temperatures below freezing, but that means nothing to children under 10.  Today, my boys ran around the house with their shirts off (“because we’re just so sweaty, Mama!”) and if I made up a batch of popsicles, you better believe that…… Continue reading Mango Berry Popsicles

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Creamy Chicken Chili

This was a Paleo-converted-to-GAPS recipe that I found at  When we first started GAPS, there weren’t many GAPS-friendly recipes out there, and definitely no cookbook like “Heal Your Gut”.  But I found that often Paleo recipes were the easiest to convert to GAPS, and Paleo has been more popular lately; thus, more Paleo recipes!…… Continue reading Creamy Chicken Chili

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The Heal Your Gut Cookbook – A Quick Review

I just got my copy of “The Heal Your Gut Cookbook” by Hilary Boynton and Mary G. Brackett in the mail today, and as I was flipping through it, I got all excited in a GAPSy kind-of way 🙂 When we first started GAPS, I got most of my recipes from surfing the Internet.  There…… Continue reading The Heal Your Gut Cookbook – A Quick Review