Mango Berry Popsicles

It may be the middle of winter with snow on the ground and the temperatures below freezing, but that means nothing to children under 10.  Today, my boys ran around the house with their shirts off (“because we’re just so sweaty, Mama!”) and if I made up a batch of popsicles, you better believe that they’d polish them off without any complaints.

I made these popsicles a week or two ago, and they both loved them (especially my youngest).  You can adjust the ingredients based on taste or what you have available in the kitchen.  I like using different kinds of yogurt as the base and trying different varieties of chopped fruit.

This recipe originally came from Our Paleo Life.  Enjoy!


Mango Berry Popsicles

2 organic mangoes, sliced

2/3 cup of organic coconut milk (I like to use organic coconut yogurt or homemade goat yogurt)

1-2 Tbs. local raw honey

1/2 tsp. organic vanilla extract

3/4 cup. organic frozen raspberries, roughly chopped (I used blueberries)


Blend everything together except the raspberries.  Fold in the raspberries after everything is well-mixed, pour into popsicle molds and freeze.



Sometimes even “kids” over 10 like to eat these in the winter 🙂



~ Alicia

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