Local business: Wildhaven Soap Co.


If you read my post about farmer’s markets, you know how much I love them!  In the post, I included information about several local farmer’s markets, including location and time when they are open.  A woman that I work with had been recommending for me to try the Beloit Farmer’s Market, as she said it was huge with such a variety of items for sale.  Saturdays are a hard day for me to try to go to something regularly, but last weekend, I decided to head out to Beloit after I finished work that morning.

I’m so glad I did!  My bags were LOADED with produce (and I even found a stand selling 100% grass-fed beef).  But one unexpected treasure that I found was a stand selling Wildhaven Soap.

Wildhaven Soap is a local business (Beloit, WI) that is owned by Tina Wagner.  She has been making soap for about 15 years, using essential oils and organic and natural ingredients.  I bought the “Sea Mist” variety of her bar soap, as I loved the scent of it.  The ingredients are: samponified olive, coconut, palm and castor oils, purified water, sea salt, kombu seaweed, kelp, spirulina, and essential oils of sweet orange, juniper, clary sage and lime. 
I first used the bar that night when I took a shower before going back into work.  Sometimes as I get ready for work, I tend to get a little anxious feeling: first, because I’m usually tired from the hours I already put in, and second, when you work in healthcare, you never know what kind of a night you’re going to have.  I was pleasantly surprised at how calming the scent of the soap was.  When I used the soap, I could actually feel my body relaxing and my breathing becoming slower and deeper (not to mention, my skin felt great!)

I’ve included a link to her website: www.wildhavensoap.com  You can find a list of the products she offers on her site, along with ingredients.  I would definitely recommend, though, coming to the Beloit Farmer’s Market to see Tina and her booth, as you can also check out all the other goodies the Market offers!


Happy shopping!

~ Alicia



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